More problems with Finance::Quote Yahoo Europe feed?

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Tue Oct 21 01:40:21 EDT 2008

On Oct 20, 2008, at 10:15 PM, David Reiser wrote:

> [...]
> I can get gnc-fq-dump to work (but not gnucash itself) for me for US,
> Europe ticker symbol requests, and Europe fund requests.

Turns out there is a bug in f-q 1.14 for quotes having times with  
minutes <= :09.

Attached is a patch for and in the Yahoo folder that  
moves fields around so the errors from Yahoo Europe are at the end of  
the list where they don't screw up gnucash. And it also doesn't cause  
Yahoo usa any troubles that I can see so far.

You will also have to patch at the main Finance folder level.  
Change the one instance of "0$min" to "$min" and that should fix the  
end-of-day quote time silliness. I'm certain finance-quote will patch  
it another way, but this way is simple to explain and it works for me.

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