More problems with Finance::Quote Yahoo Europe feed?

David Reiser dbreiser at
Mon Oct 20 22:15:10 EDT 2008

On Oct 16, 2008, at 12:31 PM, Conor O'Neill wrote:

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> I am using GnuCash 2.2.4 on Mandriva 2008.1. I have just installed
> Finance::Quote and it has installed version 1.14.
> If I try to download a US stock symbol, I successfully get a quote. I
> can show this from the command line as:
> $ gnc-fq-dump yahoo AMZN
> Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
>    symbol: AMZN                 <=== required
>      date: 10/16/2008           <=== required
>  currency: USD                  <=== required
>      last: 45.405               <=\
>       nav:                      <=== one of these
>     price: 45.405               <=/
>  timezone:                      <=== optional
> [ note that the date field is OK ]
> If I try a British fund symbol, using yahoo Europe, I get this:
> $ gnc-fq-dump europe GB0001036531GBP
> Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
>    symbol: GB0001036531GBP      <=== required
>      date: 00/00/2000           <=== required
>  currency: ** missing **        <=== required
>      last: 122.20               <=\
>       nav:                      <=== one of these
>     price: 122.20               <=/
>  timezone:                      <=== optional
> ** This stock quote cannot be used by gnucash!!
> [ broken date, and no currency field ]
> I know this is something to do with changes to the format made by  
> Yahoo
> Europe and/or Yahoo USA in the last few months. I have looked at  
> various
> other threads about this, and I see that there are suggestions to edit
> files within Finance::Quote, namely and However,  
> if I
> edit, then my US quotes don't work. And at the moment, if I  
> try
> editing both and as suggested, then neither US nor
> British quotes work! :-(

Yahoo really borked Requesting a date (d1) is a no-op for requests (BAY.L), but it returns "N/A" for fund  
quotes. Ack. And a 'l1' request returns 2 fields, throwing off the  
currency request at the end of the queue. Double Ack.

> I suspect that some of the suggestions made in previous threads might
> have been superseeded by a newer version of Finance::Quote (version  
> 1.14
> was only released yesterday!). I'd really like to get my British fund
> quotes working again; I'm less bothered about the US quotes.
> Can anyone who knows a bit more about the Yahoo quotes suggest a set  
> of
> edits which might get my Yahoo Europe quotes working again?
> Many thanks for your help,
> - --
> Conor O'Neill, at home in Bristol, UK

I can get gnc-fq-dump to work (but not gnucash itself) for me for US,  
Europe ticker symbol requests, and Europe fund requests.

I opened a bug at the CPAN tracker. It has been listed as "enhancement  
request" since the docs don't claim f-q handles fund requests.

I'll see if I can figure how to get gnucash to accept the results of  
my changes -- but that might require waiting for both f-q 1.15 and  
gnucash (next after f-q 1.15) to get matching behavior. Maybe the  
finance-quote upstream will figure out a clean patch that solves the  

David Reiser
dbreiser at

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