SQL backend

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Sun Oct 26 19:31:40 EDT 2008

The only think I can think of is that the dbi module isn't being loaded.

>From your log: 
* 12:09:52 DEBUG <qof.session>     [enter
qofsession.c:qof_session_load_backend()]  list=2, initted=false

>From my log:
* 18:03:14 DEBUG <qof.session>     [enter
qofsession.c:qof_session_load_backend()]  list=5, initted=false

The interesting item is list= and the number.  The xml backend
contributes 2 providers (for file:// and xml:// uris), and the dbi
backend contributes 3 providers (for sqlite3://, mysql:// and
postgres://).  In my case, all 5 uri types have providers, while in
yours, it's only the 2 from the xml backend.

For the dbi backend, you need libgncmod-backend-dbi.so in
xxx/lib/gnucash and libgnc-backend-sql.so in xxx/lib (where xxx is the
path to your gnucash install).  In addition, the command "strings
libgncmod-engine.so | fgrep dbi" should return a single line
"gncmod-backend-dbi" if run in xxx/lib/gnucash.


On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 12:19 +0200, Rolf Leggewie wrote:
> Phil Longstaff wrote:
> > See http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Logging.
> Phil, thank you for your continued support.
> I hope you can help me decipher http://oss.leggewie.org/wip/gnucash.log 
> which does contain some sql-related messages now.  ~/.gnucash/log.conf 
> is at http://oss.leggewie.org/wip/log.conf
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