Development on Mac Leopard (10.5.5)

Dave Reiser dbreiser at
Mon Oct 27 13:04:06 EDT 2008

Charles Day wrote:

> Dare I ask: fink or macports?  I don't quite understand the difference. 
> I think you said that someone compiled gnucash for aqua using macports, 
> which sounds promising.

Fink for me. They're just two different packaging systems. Macports has 
a bit of help directly from Apple these days, but they have different 
strengths. Macports tends to jump on updates faster, but that can break 
already installed stuff unexpectedly. Fink is more cautious (but not 
error free), but that tends to make them slower in the gnome realm. 
Fink's kde maintainer is quicker to package new versions than macports. 
Both suffer from a shortage of active maintainers.

Macports provides some additional flexibility in variants of packages, 
and I think they have a built-in option to build a .app.

see the thread starting at:
for info on the aqua build.

Once the problems with gnome 2.22 vs 2.24 get ironed out in fink, I'll 
see if the fink gnome guru is willing to look at the --without-x11 
versions of various things to work with gtk-aqua.


David Reiser
dbreiser at

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