Missing Makefile for Italian guide

Cristian Marchi cri79 at libero.it
Fri Oct 31 09:04:50 EDT 2008

   Christian Stimming ha scritto:

Dear Cristian,

the files "Makefile" and "Makefile.in" should be automatically generated from
the file "Makefile.am" once you run ./autogen.sh and ./configure in the
top-level directory of gnucash-docs. For that reason, I haven't add them to
SVN, even though you already submitted them :-)

Does running ./autogen.sh; ./configure fix this for you? It should. Thanks a

   It worked! thank you and I'm sorry for that! :-[


Am Freitag, 31. Oktober 2008 08:25 schrieb Cristian Marchi:

I just tried to compile the Italian guide and I found that the process
broke because I forgot to submit the two attached makefile.

Sorry and thanks!



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