PATCH: disallowing bill post to wrong commodity account

jamie campbell jamie at
Fri Oct 31 17:14:40 EDT 2008

This patch adds a new account selection filter allowing valid commodity 
to be restricted, and makes use of it for bill posting.  This filter is 
allowed to be NULL (just as with the 'account type' filter) and when 
NULL, isn't used.  The patch also fixes a bug where gnc commodity copy 
wasn't copying mnemonic, thus erroneously making a copy not equal to the 
original when comparison happens.  The behaviour is that the user isn't 
able to select a post account in the wrong currency.  If there is no 
possible account (aka, EVERYTHING gets filtered out) they get a blank 
combo box.  This is consistent with what the account type filter does 
when there are no valid account-type accounts.

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