Webkit status (updated)

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Mon Apr 6 13:33:28 EDT 2009

I can add a function returning true/false whether CSS is supported or not.  GtkHTML would return false, Webkit would return true.

Updated status: Webkit seems to be working well on linux.  I tried to build on it on windows and needed to load bison, flex and gperf.  It then wanted libjpeg.  That's where I'm stopped for now.  Unfortunately, it's not just webkit we need, but webkitgtk.  Maybe if the team working on it can supply a binary download...


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Subject: Re: Webkit status (updated)

Is there any way that a report (i.e. Guile code) can find out whether Webkit or GtkHTML is in use?  If there is, the report could adjust itself accordingly, relying on CSS if available, and doing its best without CSS if not.


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