r18015 - gnucash/branches - Create 2.4 branch

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 7 10:05:19 EDT 2009

Just a small correction...

Christian Stimming <stimming at tuhh.de> writes:

> Am Montag, 6. April 2009 02:48 schrieb Phil Longstaff:
>> Yeah, you're right re dev't.
>> At this point, I'm doing a bit of cleanup.  I needed to make a small change
>> to fix 'make check'.  There's now another problem in 'make dist' in the
>> python bindings.
> That's all fine. Just as Derek I highly appreciate your initiative and 
> stepping forward here in the development.
> For now, I'd suggest you remove the 2.4 tag again, and as Derek suggested, 
> create it again right before or after the 2.3.0 experimental release.

...  I'd recommend we hold off the branch as long as possible, and
create it around the 2.4.0 stable release, not the 2.3.x experimental
releases.  I'll just point out that the 2.2 branch wasn't created until
(iirc) 2.2.2.

> As for "development not necessarily for 2.3.x or 2.4.x": Yes, that's correct, 
> but it is too early for this. For now I think we're fine with the policy "all 
> code from trunk is targeted for 2.4.0", but this doesn't hold for "all 
> features". We can very well switch off particular features in the 2.4 branch 
> once it is created. This could be as easy as disabling a ./configure switch 
> (e.g. for webkit), but keeping the code identical between trunk and the 
> future 2.4 branch as long as possible will make development a whole lot 
> easier.


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