Webkit options in MacOSX

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Sun Apr 19 08:29:15 EDT 2009

On April 19, 2009 02:19:41 am you wrote:
> --On April 18, 2009 4:31:25 PM -0700 Phil Longstaff
> <plongstaff at rogers.com> wrote:
> > I don't yet know what control we have with webkit.  What I've done
> > for now is modify src/report/report-system/html-document.scm to put a
> > reference to a css file in the html output.  I can then specify font
> > characteristics in that css file.
> Is that checked in?  I can't find anything that does this in
> html-document.scm although I may be missing it.  What's the name of the
> css file that it references?

No, it's not checked in.  I've just done it locally so that I could 
experiment.  I did look to see if the gnucash install directory was available 
to scm, so that somewhere in INSTALL_DIR/share, I could put a dummy 
reports.css that the user could modify but didn't follow through with this.

> I poked around in the debugger and couldn't figure out how to pass
> options to webkit although it looks like there should be a way.  We may
> need to add some code to hook up gconf to webkit.

There is a WEBKIT_WEB_SETTINGS gobject which, according to 1.0.1 code, allows 
you to set lots of default values.  We would need to connect that to gconf.  
Available settings:
struct _WebKitWebSettingsPrivate {
    gchar* default_encoding;
    gchar* cursive_font_family;
    gchar* default_font_family;
    gchar* fantasy_font_family;
    gchar* monospace_font_family;
    gchar* sans_serif_font_family;
    gchar* serif_font_family;
    guint default_font_size;
    guint default_monospace_font_size;
    guint minimum_font_size;
    guint minimum_logical_font_size;
    gboolean auto_load_images;
    gboolean auto_shrink_images;
    gboolean print_backgrounds;
    gboolean enable_scripts;
    gboolean enable_plugins;
    gboolean resizable_text_areas;
    gchar* user_stylesheet_uri;
    gfloat zoom_step;


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