GnuCash email server on Barracuda "bad" list

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Apr 26 23:06:21 EDT 2009


Quoting Elizabeth Dodd <edodd at>:

> On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Due to some brain-damage, Barracuda Reputation System believes that
>> is a spam source and we're on the "poor" list.
>> So if you (or your email system) use barracuda as your spam filter,
>> it will block all email coming from the gnucash server (which also
>> means you wont see this message).
> It didn't take more than the first page of (famous search engine) results to
> find reports of problems with the barrucuda lists. This email exchange makes
> the problems clear.

Yeah, that sounds about right....  Although I've been somewhat successful
in getting my domains removed from their blacklist.   Mostly it seems
due to a few domains that perform a redirect to my MIT account.  The
MIT Barracuda systems see the spam that gets redirected to my account due
to me being a postmaster and think that my systems (
being one of them) is a spammer.   I've since got MIT to whitelist some
domains, and I've been able (I'm guessing due to my connections to MIT)
to get them removed from the B.C. Blacklist.

As of right now it LOOKS like it should be better..  And I've reconfigured
so it shouldn't be forwarding directly anymore.   but we'll see.

In the longer term I just need to setup my own mail server and
move away from MIT as my mail host.  :-(

Hopefully not too many other people have been affected.  But me, I personally
lost a few days of GnuCash mail.   (as per the archives)

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