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Joachim Langenbach joachim at
Mon Apr 27 06:58:04 EDT 2009

Hello to everyone!

I have some features which I found very useful:

1) make it possible to say that an entry at an account belongs to an invoice. 		 
With this feature it is possible to import all account changes per online 
banking interface and than "connect" the entrys to the invoices and the 
invoices can then be marked as paid automatically. So online banking is 
useable with invoice-stuff, which is not possible today (at my state of 

2) generally allow to enter the number or something which is meaningful for 
the current field manually. For example this fields are meant:
	Create Invoice  	- supplier number
        			- order number
        report - invoice - options - invoice number
	report - customer report - options - customer number

3) at the invoice edit screen a button to process payments is useful too. Also 
we found it better, if the default date entry of each item is the invoice 
opening date.

4) a small button movement on the invoice search dialog:
	The new invoice button makes more sense at the place where the payment 
process (and the other one) is placed. so it's more consistently at our 

5) a great feature will be the possibility to detach the tabs from the 
mainwindow like it is possible in firefox or konqueror with their tabs.

The other thing is, we want to write a new invoice (or improve the ones which 
are there), so that they have more information (which is needed to create a 
legal invoice in germany and some other useful information like bank 
connection of the business, logo, ...). But actually we don't find the 
documentation of the Gnucash-Report-API. So maybe someone can lead us to that 

So I hope that my/our suggestions of improvements are found useful and good!

Joachim Langenbach
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