Portable version of GnuCash

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 11 08:55:58 EDT 2009


There is already a GnuCash-Portable project out there, but they are also
not directly tied to us..

I do think it might be reasonable to install the "gnucash portable
builder" on our win32 build machine.


winPenPack <winpenpack at gmail.com> writes:

> Dear authors of GnuCash,
> my name is Danilo Leggieri, I am the founder of italian winPenPack Project.
> winPenPack (http://www.winpenpack.com/main/?[en]) is a free and open source
> project aimed to spread the use of portable software, supported by a growing
> community counting about 33000 registered users up to now. If you want to
> have a look in our site, please check this link:
> http://www.winpenpack.com/main/?[en] (for english version click on the union
> jack at the top/right corner).
> We have developed a highly configurable platform that allows to create
> portable versions of non natively portable programs, like yours, without any
> kind of modifications or reverse engineering made on program files and in
> compliance with original installation status. Our policy is to apply our
> technology only to open source programs, due to the freedom given by that
> kind of license.
> We have already packaged many portable versions of open source softwares,
> all available on our site under the section "X-Software" (
> http://www.winpenpack.com/main/download.php#x-software), and we hope you
> will be pleased to know that GnuCash is between them (
> http://www.winpenpack.com/main/download.php?view.738).
> I am writing to you because we want be sure that the GnuCash portable
> package does not represent for you any kind of violation of GnuCash license
> (we have noticed that your program is released under GPL) and, in this case,
> we wonder also if you are interested in finding a way to collaborate. The
> simplest form we can think of is to offer to the visitors of your site a
> link to download GnuCash portable (called X-GnuCash). You can find some
> examples of this going to the download pages of Translate.Net (
> http://translateclient.googlepages.com/download.en.html), ConTEXT (
> http://www.contexteditor.org/downloads.html), or FET (
> http://lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/), where original authors have decided to
> distribute related portable versions of their softwares based on winPenPack
> Platform.
> Obviously, any other suggestion will be welcome.
> Many thanks in advance for your feedback.
> Waiting for your answer as soon as you can.
> Sincerely,
> Danilo Leggieri

       Derek Atkins, SB '93 MIT EE, SM '95 MIT Media Laboratory
       Member, MIT Student Information Processing Board  (SIPB)
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