PLEASE help with GNUcash!!

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Tue Aug 11 10:44:15 EDT 2009

Hi John,

First of all, version 2.3.3 is an *unstable* version which has been released to allow people to test some new features.  It should *not* be used for your production data.  Instead, you should save your data in an XML file (File -> Save As, change the file type in the drop down box to XML, then enter a file name and save), remove 2.3.3, install 2.2.9 and load your file.  Eventually, 2.3.X will lead to the stable 2.4 release.

The reports menu combines both tabular reports and graphical charts.  The "Income & Expense Chart" is a chart, and you need to select specific accounts, and it will graph their values over time.  I think you want the "Income Statement" (same submenu under Reports).


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Subject: PLEASE help with GNUcash!!


I am using gnucash version 2.3.3.

I just spent several hours tonight manually entering my full year of bank
statement information into GNUcash.  I had hoped to simply download
a Quickbooks file from my bank website for the full year, but it seems this
is not possible.

I have no unusual needs here! I just want to simply generate an Income/Expense
report from all the deposits/expenses I have entered and create description for.

I try to do this by having the account open and selecting "Income & Expense Chart"
from the Reports menu.  I only get the message...

"No accounts selected"

"This report requires accounts to be selected."

HELP!  It shouldn't be this complicated!  I am viewing the account when I select to
generate a chart, and I get this message!

I am making efforts to simply create some reports to prepare my income/expenses
for a tax preparer so that he can easily organize the information.

Your help is much appreciated!

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