2.3.3 saving to postgresql causes zombie scheduled transactions

Graham Menhennitt graham at menhennitt.com.au
Wed Aug 12 16:53:29 EDT 2009

I found (one of) the corruptions that I mentioned in my email of yesterday!

I have an existing GC XML file that contains a scheduled transaction
that had "repeats until" selected with a date of 28/02/08 (I'm using
dd/mm/yy format). After saving to postgresql and restarting GC, the same
transaction now has "forever" selected. "Since last run" now contains
all the occurances of this transaction from 28/2/08 until now.

I was running with --debug and the trace file is full of:

* 06:38:47  WARN <qof.engine> [gnc_iso8601_to_timespec_gmt()]  mktime
failed to handle daylight saving: tm_hour=0 tm_year=70 tm_min=0 tm_sec=0
tm_isdst=-1 for string=1970-01-01 00:00:00
* 06:38:47  CRIT <qof.engine> [gnc_iso8601_to_timespec_gmt()]  unable to
recover from buggy mktime

Note that I'm in Australia - a timezone that's ahead of GMT and has
daylight saving over the new year transition. That might be relevant.

So it looks like there is a time conversion problem when saving to
postgres. It causes scheduled transactions to come back from the dead.

Should I put it into bugzilla?


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