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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 13 10:28:07 EDT 2009


Vladimir Bashkirtsev <vladimir at> writes:

> Hello,
> I was testing latest development version with MySQL backend and in
> general I was satisfied with the results. Great piece of software!
> Now here the scenario I want to happen: I have PHP scripts which deal
> with GnuCash data in MySQL DB. It is not a problem to read and show
> account records from MySQL. But PHP scripts should be able to post
> invoices back to GnuCash DB. This side of business is working well too
> but if I have GnuCash open and connected to the same MySQL DB no
> update in GnuCash happens. I've being looking for something what may
> get GnuCash to re-read records but I cannot find anything like
> it. Does MySQL backend has something like this? Perhaps having "last
> modified" in DB record would be good and GnuCash should check it
> periodically. Or the best way is to not to cache anything in memory
> and use MySQL for each single operation. Or I just dreaming? :)
> Generally it comes to concurrent use of the same DB by two separate
> GnuCash processes and how they get in sync. Without syncing use of DB
> does not gain much in relation to XML file.

This would be "multi-user support" which is not supported at this time.
As Phil says, it's also not on the current path so unless some developer
comes in and offers to implement multi-user I don't see this happening
any time soon.

> Regards,
> Vladimir
> PS: I have read warnings about modification of the data by something
> but GnuCash. Still it appears to be the best way to resolve my
> problem.


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