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Wed Aug 12 15:23:49 EDT 2009

There is currently no support for simultaneous access to the db by more than just gnucash.  There are no plans to add it unless someone wants to step up and work on it.


From: Vladimir Bashkirtsev <vladimir at>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 1:26:28 PM
Subject: MySQL sync


I was testing latest development version with MySQL backend and in general I was satisfied with the results. Great piece of software!

Now here the scenario I want to happen: I have PHP scripts which deal with GnuCash data in MySQL DB. It is not a problem to read and show account records from MySQL. But PHP scripts should be able to post invoices back to GnuCash DB. This side of business is working well too but if I have GnuCash open and connected to the same MySQL DB no update in GnuCash happens. I've being looking for something what may get GnuCash to re-read records but I cannot find anything like it. Does MySQL backend has something like this? Perhaps having "last modified" in DB record would be good and GnuCash should check it periodically. Or the best way is to not to cache anything in memory and use MySQL for each single operation. Or I just dreaming? :)

Generally it comes to concurrent use of the same DB by two separate GnuCash processes and how they get in sync. Without syncing use of DB does not gain much in relation to XML file.


PS: I have read warnings about modification of the data by something but GnuCash. Still it appears to be the best way to resolve my problem.
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