[PATCH] Budget Report: Omit accounts with no budget and zero balance

Luke Duncan duncan72187 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 03:11:03 EDT 2009


This patch creates an option for the budget report that allows it to omit
accounts that have zero balance and no budget value specified for the entire
term of the budget. This avoids showing entire rows of blank cells without
the user having to manually select which accounts have a budget value or
balance for the term of the budget.

The end-date that is used in the patch to determine which accounts have
balances is one day too late. This may cause the report to display accounts
that it should actually be omitting in some rare cases. Can anyone point me
to a way to subtract a day from this date or otherwise modify the date using
scheme. I wasn't able to find much documentation on this.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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