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Sorry, missed sending to all. 
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To be honest I hadn't looked into tools that closely, I was simply planning to use SQL and openoffice to chart things. 

But, I'm a simple home user, so don't want anything too complex (and I'm not an accountant, so without clear requirements, don't know what many of the asked for reports would look like). 

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On August 26, 2009 08:53:26 pm fireflys_98 at yahoo.com wrote:
> David,
> This is where IMHO the Sql Backend will probably make life a lot easier.
> I haven't bothered to look at scheme, since once I upgrade to the database
> backed I can create ad-hoc reports very quickly.
>  Perhaps also a simple problem of lack of understanding, I have no idea
> what your monthly cash flow report would want to show, nor many of the
> other reports that I've seen requested here. Sent via BlackBerry from
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What tools would you use for reports?  I've been looking for an open-source 
Crystal Reports-like tool that could be used but haven't found anything.


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