python bindings will receive attention again

Mark Jenkins mark at
Fri Aug 28 14:39:26 EDT 2009

Hello again,

I'm one of the original python binding developers. I've been absent for 
awhile, but secured funding to work on these again.

I hope to do everything in my power to keep the python bindings in a 
worthy state so that they can end up in 2.4

Towards this, I'd like to:
  * follow up on any trouble people have building/configuring gnucash 
with the bindings disabled where the problem is attributed to the bindings

  * follow up on any troubles people have configuring/building gnucash 
with the python bindings enabled

  * follow up on python binding bug reports

  * document, document, document, document

  * provide guidance for anyone adding new features

  * add some features that my current project will need

  * follow up on a question andi5 asked back in December about 

  * follow up on Derek's suggestion to eliminate redundancies between 
python binding swig files and guile swig files

Does anyone have suggestions for other things I should pay attention to 
to keep the python bindings 2.4 worthy?

I'm going to hang out in the IRC channel as Mark. If you want to arrange 
a specific time to chat there with me, let me know by email.

Mark Jenkins
Member, ParIT Worker Co-operative

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