Need procedure to setup mysql for Gnucash in windows

Colin Law clanlaw at
Thu Dec 3 15:14:34 EST 2009

2009/12/3 durgaprasad alaparthi <8765439 at>:
> Hi,
> I am new in using Gnucash. I do not know how to create a new database and
> store the data in Mysql using Gnucash.
> Can anyone help me by explianing
> 1. How to establish connection between Gnucash and Mysql.
> 2. How to create Gnucash account tables in Mysql.
> 3. How to store data in Mysql.
> I am using Gnucash 2.3.7 and Mysql 5.1
> Thanks in advance,

You should have asked this on the gnucash user list rather than
gnucash development.  If you have further questions you would be
better to ask them there.  To answer the question..

Simply click File, Save As and select MySql in the dropdown list.
Then setup the database data in the fields provided and it will make a
new database for you with all your accounts in it (or overwrite and
existing database if it already exists).  Then changes to your GC data
will be saved in the database automatically as you add accounts,
transactions etc.


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