Need procedure to setup mysql for Gnucash in windows

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Thu Dec 3 15:17:17 EST 2009

Please be aware that 2.3.7 is an unstable version.  Within the next few months (I hope), 2.3.X will become stable and supported version 2.4.0.  Until then, tests are being run and bugs are being fixed so your data might be lost or corrupted.

You might do better with gnucash 2.2.9 which stores data in an XML file until 2.4.0 is released.

If you do want to use 2.3.X (you should at least wait for 2.3.8 which should be available in a few days), I can provide some instructions.


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Subject: Need procedure to setup mysql for Gnucash in windows


I am new in using Gnucash. I do not know how to create a new database and
store the data in Mysql using Gnucash.
Can anyone help me by explianing
1. How to establish connection between Gnucash and Mysql.
2. How to create Gnucash account tables in Mysql.
3. How to store data in Mysql.

I am using Gnucash 2.3.7 and Mysql 5.1
Thanks in advance,

Durga prasad.
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