r18443 - gnucash/trunk/src/gnome-utils - Fix Bug 591573 - "File|Save As" with xml option and no file name crashes

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Fri Dec 4 12:12:23 EST 2009

On Friday 4 December 2009, Phil Longstaff wrote:
> Derek,
> that's basically what I do (except for popping up a dialog).  What I would
> prefer to do is have Save As be disabled unless either 1) a file is
> selected (I could catch that signal), or 2) a file name is typed into the
> file name text box (I don't know how to catch that signal, and I do assume
> that a text box can emit a signal when something is typed into it).  I
> think it's better UI practice to have invalid operations be disabled.
> Phil
I agree that it's better UI practice to disable invalid operations. It seems 
that the GtkFileChooser widget was not written with this use case in mind 

I quickly tested some other programs using the GtkFileChooser (or its Dialog 
variant). None of them disables the Save As button when the Location field is 
cleared. So I think your current solution is "good enough".

This limitation does intrigue me though. If I find some time later on, I may 
try to work around it, but I can't promise.


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