OpenSP error "realpath undeclared" (2.3.8 tagged yesterday, but no win32 build)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Dec 5 07:45:26 EST 2009

Am Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009 schrieb Phil Longstaff:
> > Hence, this OpenSP error existed for quite some time by now, at least
> > since 2.3.1. Not sure why the win32 build used to work but is failing
> > this time, though...
> I think the problem is related to documentation...
> `htmlhelp.chm' ->
> `/c/soft/gnucash-2.3.8/gnucash/inst/share/gnucash/help/de_DE/gnucash-help.c
> hm' `htmlhelp.hhmap' ->
> `/c/soft/gnucash-2.3.8/gnucash/inst/share/gnucash/help/de_DE/gnucash-help.h
> hmap' Processing help (it_IT) ...
> error : No such file or directory

Didn't I commit the it_IT help just recently? Perhaps there are more errors in 
those files than I initially thought. Perhaps the it_IT part in the docs just 
needs to be disabled for now, and then everything works?


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