Undocumented? Close book

Parker Jones zoubidoo at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 8 12:01:41 EST 2009

> From: warlord at MIT.EDU
> > Parker Jones <zoubidoo at hotmail.com> writes:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I am running the stable release, Gnucash 2.2.9, and the feature
> > Tools->'Close book' appears to have no documentation.  I searched
> > using the Gnome documentation browser and nothing comes up for search
> > term "close".  Is it documented and I'm not finding it or has it not
> > been written up yet?
> I do not believe there is documentation for this feature.  It's pretty
> simple; it goes through all your Income and expense accounts, finds the
> balance at the specified date, and then adds a transaction to make that
> balance 0, balancing it into your specified Equity accounts.

Thanks for that Derek.  I have a few questions remaining though:
 - what happens if a transaction is added or updated after doing close book.  Will the zeroing transactions be updated too?
 - what happens when there are multiple currencies?

I think it's better to know what close-book is supposed to be doing rather than guess from running tests.

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