Payment dialog proposal

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Wed Dec 9 10:21:16 EST 2009

On Tuesday 8 December 2009, Derek Atkins wrote:
> But a tooltip is good too.
> >   The Invoice/Bill to assign this payment to. Note that is field is
> > optional. If you leave it blank, GnuCash will automatically assign the
> > payment to the first unpaid invoice/bill for this customer/vendor.
> Can't you make the tooltip dependent on the underlying type?  The labels
> change, why not the tooltip too based on the underlying one?
I just committed a patch that adds tooltips that use the proper terms for each 

I chose to add tooltips for the owner, invoice and amount widgets, with 
invoice and amount having some additional information that shows the invoice 
selection is optional.


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