Version field in Bugzilla

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed Dec 9 15:39:32 EST 2009

Am Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009 schrieb Phil Longstaff:
> I normally set the 'target milestone' to the version which will contain the
>  fix.

I agree. The "Version" field is being used for the version where the bug was 
spotted and reported. The "Target Milestone" shows the version when the 
solution will appear publicly.

If one closes a bug, we shouldn't modify the "Version" field because it still 
contains information that we might not have in any of the other fields, as 
sometimes the bug might have disappeared in the current version already (which 
means we will probably close it as DUPLICATE or OBSOLETE).

> Recently, all bugs prior to 2.0 were either closed or moved. For actual
>  bugs, I like to see the original version.

Yes, same here.

>  For enhancements, however, is it useful to know what
>  version the request was reported against?  Personally, I don't think so. 

Yes, usually it is not necessary to know the reporter's version anymore. In 
that case it should be set to "SVN" as long as SVN doesn't have this feature. 
However, there might be exceptions to this rule, in which case we should leave 
the Version field to the reporter's version.

>   I've started using the bugzilla 'browse'

Yes, this is also my start page into bugzilla. I use it almost daily to at 
least quickly review the new bugs (right column, second line from top).



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