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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
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"Marina Carvalho" <marimaripuc at> writes:

> Hi Derek, thank you so much for your feedback.
> I'll sure try to offer the students the opportunity to get to know the
> GnuCash.
> Not sure if I'll have enough time to translate the manual but if we do, I'll
> sure send it back to you.
> Thanks a lot.
> Ah, one last thing. Considering you are in MIT, do you know any other free
> tool to help create or manage projects that could help our students? To make
> it clear, we inspire College and University students to develop social
> project in their community and we give an award to the best practices
> (projects that contribute to the community). Our aim is to give them tools
> that can help them organize, just in case you know
> something, please let me know.

While I do have an MIT email address, I am not at MIT anymore.  I'm
afraid that even so, I do not know of anything offhand to help with
this.  But maybe others on the list might have ideas.

> Thanks again,
> Regards,
> Marina Carvalho
> P Antes de imprimir pense em sua responsabilidade e compromisso com o MEIO


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> Hi,
> "Marina Carvalho" <marimaripuc at> writes:
>> Hi, my name is Marina and I use Gnucash for personal use.
>> I know it's a free software but I'd like to share and idea I have.
> [snip]
>> I find Gnucash a very useful tool that can help them to organize
> themselves
>> financially.
>> So, the reason why I'm writing is to check if it's ok to offer Gnucash for
>> download in our website so the students can have access to it.
> Of course it is.  GnuCash is licensed under the GPL, so you're free to
> redistribute it as much as you want.  Just keep in mind that we're
> always releasing updates so you might need to keep on top of it.  Also,
> I'd recommend that you only re-distribute the Stable (2.2.9) release, not
> the testing (2.3.x) releases.
>> Also, if by any chance, if you have a Portuguese manual on how to use it
> so
>> we can also offer that to them and do not need to create a new one.
> Unfortunately no, we do not have one.  But if you do translate the
> manual into Portuguese could you donate it back to us?
>> That's all for now.
>> Thank you so much for your attention,
> Thanks!
> -derek

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