Source string change request / Feature request

Mark Haanen i18n at
Tue Dec 22 16:41:59 EST 2009

One quick and one complex question.

     1. Would it be possible to change the source strings for lines 2275
        in src/gnome/druid-loan.c so that it's no longer a
        concatenation, but two separate strings ("Escrow Payment" /
        "Payment")? This would allow me to properly translate the first
        term into Dutch.
     2. There are several options programmed into GnuCash which are
        heavily locale-dependent (Income Tax springs to mind). It would
        be nice to either describe this dependency within the strings of
        said options (allowing users to steer clear) or to be able to
        activate/deactivate these features by selecting additional
        locales from the Preferences dialog (while defaulting to the
        user's defined locale).



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