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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Dec 29 10:45:19 EST 2009


brad <bradhaack at> writes:

> Why is this here then?  If gnucash doesn't need it & the update quotes
> feature doesn't need it then it seems to me it shouldn't be here.  I'm
> sure I have hundreds of useless mouse clicks picking the correct Type
> because importing OFX files is buggy and often times a window pops up
> asking me to 'Select security/currency' redundant times.  The help pages
> don't say it isn't needed.  
> Sorry for the rant, but 'features' of little use are more harm than
> good.

It's there to provide a way to help you organize your commodities.
You're free not to use it if you prefer.  Do you keep all your papers in
a single folder?  Me, I like to use different folders for different
types of papers in order to more quickly look them up.

As for the OFX importer; that sounds like a bug that should be fixed; it
should only have to ask you once --- unless your OFX is broken and
creates a new commodity name every time, in which case there just isn't
anything we can do.

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