Stock Prices

brad bradhaack at
Tue Dec 29 14:55:45 EST 2009

Well... I try to be organized, but I organize my stocks/funds in
accounts.  I'm starting to see how it could be used in a report for
organization, but I think most folks don't care if their stock is traded
on the AMEX, NYSE, or EUREX.   It's not obvious that this field is only
to help the users be organized.

>From the help:

Type: Indicates for stocks the exchange on which a stock is
         traded. For mutual funds use the FUND type.

On the OFX,  I'm pretty sure it isn't an OFX file issue, but I'll look
at that to make sure.  I'm not sure how I can clarify or simplify the
problem so someone else can debug it.  

On Tue, 2009-12-29 at 10:45 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Brad,
> brad <bradhaack at> writes:
> > Why is this here then?  If gnucash doesn't need it & the update quotes
> > feature doesn't need it then it seems to me it shouldn't be here.  I'm
> > sure I have hundreds of useless mouse clicks picking the correct Type
> > because importing OFX files is buggy and often times a window pops up
> > asking me to 'Select security/currency' redundant times.  The help pages
> > don't say it isn't needed.  
> > Sorry for the rant, but 'features' of little use are more harm than
> > good.
> It's there to provide a way to help you organize your commodities.
> You're free not to use it if you prefer.  Do you keep all your papers in
> a single folder?  Me, I like to use different folders for different
> types of papers in order to more quickly look them up.
> As for the OFX importer; that sounds like a bug that should be fixed; it
> should only have to ask you once --- unless your OFX is broken and
> creates a new commodity name every time, in which case there just isn't
> anything we can do.
> -derek

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