Any prognosis for when 2.4 is due?

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Wed Dec 30 14:00:35 EST 2009

As far as major pieces for 2.4, the last thing is webkit on windows
(webkit on linux/mac seem to work fine, webkit on windows has some
really bad bugs - fonts unreadable if you print a report).  I'm working
on that now, and hope soon to either have a fix or else we'll need to
pull webkit out on windows and go back to gtkhtml.

2.4 will support SQL to an sqlite3 db file, or a local or remote mysql
or postgresql db.  I've been using the sqlite3 backend quite
successfully, but don't use all of the features.  There are still some
bugs that need to be fixed.  Even after they are fixed, the decision is
to stay with the XML backend by default, but allow the user to save into
an SQL file and go from there.  Note that gnucash is *not* a database
app, and there is no multi-user capability.

As far as target date goes...  I hope to resolve webkit/windows within
the next 2 weeks - either have a version that allows you to print, or
else go back to gtkhtml on windows.  Then, a few releases for string
freeze/translation and fixing critical bugs.  Maybe end of April?


On Wed, 2009-12-30 at 19:12 +0100, James Wilde wrote:
> I use 2.2.9 and note that work is now progressing on 2.3.x, heading towards 2.4 stable.
> I understand that 2.4 will be able to use a SQL backend.  Will it continue to support the xml backend?  Which of these alternatives is considered the way to go?  Is there a target date for 2.4?
> //James 
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