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Will the SQL backend make GnuCash data fault-tolerant?

In general, MySQL and PostgreSQL are fault-tolerant, in that the
database integrity will be maintained if there is a crash or power

For this to work with application data, one needs to also use
Commit/Rollback, where updates to the database might be made with a
sequence of SQL queries.  When they have all succeeded, then one
Commits the entire sequence atomically.  If there is some problem
while building the transaction, then one can Rollback, and no change
is made to the database at all.

I have always been uncomfortable with the fact that GnuCash file data
is held in memory while in use, with (in my understanding) the entire
file being written out when one finally saves.

Of course the xac and log files go a long ways towards preventing
trouble - but couldn't possibly be as effective as the fault tolerant
provided by a good database backend.

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