Any prognosis for when 2.4 is due?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Thu Dec 31 20:28:42 EST 2009

在 2009-12-30三的 14:00 -0500,Phil Longstaff写道:
> 2.4 will support SQL to an sqlite3 db file, or a local or remote mysql
> or postgresql db.
> As far as target date goes...  I hope to resolve webkit/windows within
> the next 2 weeks

Besides these technical improvements (sorry I cannot tell if they are
"improvments" or just "change", but from the reaction they seems like
improvements), are there any improvements that novince user like me can

What I mean is, I used gnucash for a few years for my small business. I
never have any complaint about how fast it deals with a transaction, or
does it display HTML in a way nice enough. What I want to see as
improvement are, small issues here and there. Name a few examples:

     I. Incomplete documents. Although this list is the most nice to
        novinces like me, but statistic shows the chance people read
        document is much higher than the chance they write to ask in a
        mailing list. In fact I even know many accountant who are
        incapable of writing a decent description of the software
        problem they are facing, even though they are proved capable of
        the tasks at their hands. Such user would not do anything (even
        not to google) beyond reading manual. Things might be different
        outside of China though.
    II. Small user interface improvements. e.g. copying multi-line to
        invoice item creates interesting and strange behavior. and like
        I just asked yesterday, rename account pages is not in the right
        click menu of account page names etc etc. I can think of a dozen
        or two such small user interface issues. Just to name another
        more, when I search by using Business -> Customer -> Find
        invoices, I really want to find invoices, and am a bit worried
        when I found bills too, can this be changed to user expectation?
        Now I am used to this but worry other humble people like me
        still gets confused.
   III. To make it smarter to deal with humble user like me. e.g. limit
        the type of accounts I can set Tax Table Account to, so that I
        do not make stupid mistakes that can be easily prevented.
    IV. Integration with more online or web based accounting system that
        makes it easier to reconcile.
     V. Can I want more? Then I would love a duplicated invoice finder
        and an invoice reminder for coming invoices for the next thing
        expect to come, e.g. I charge my customer on web service once a
        year and want to be reminded to issue next year's invoice.

I am not sure if any of these things I want to have can become reality
if we switch backend or engine etc, but think be bold and throw in some
suggestions might help.

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