Gnucash suggestion

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 2 10:45:51 EST 2009

Stuart Andrews <stuart.andrews at> writes:

> Dear Gnucash team,
> I've been happily using your software since the end of last year, having
> ditched Windows completely.  I was using Microsoft Money before.
> Can I make a suggestion for possible inclusion in the future?  It would
> save me a lot of time reviewing scheduled transactions if the entry date
> could be set to the first/last business day of the month, or first
> Monday etc. rather than setting a date.  I see there is an option to
> enter a transaction on the first day of the month but this is the
> absolute first day, not first weekday.

This already exists in trunk...  You can set it to the first day
of the month and then also set it to go tot he first subsequent day
if it falls on a weekend.   Same thing for the Last Day of the month.

> It's fantastic software though, very powerful and apart from that
> suggestion it does everything I could need.  Many thanks for the hard
> work.


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