Completed Catalan translation to commit

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Feb 6 11:58:43 EST 2009

Hi all,

please find attached an archive with the completed GnuCash translation
into the Catalan language. The archive contains two files: the updated
PO catalog and the patch against the current SVN revision to create

Please note that after having not suceeded in generating a POT
template (the file is not up to date), I simply used the
German translation to generate a POT template on which to base the
translation (having assumed that the latest German translation had
been done using the last released template).

In order to make things easier to translators, I would suggest using
some kind of coordination service so they can at least pick up the
latest template available. It used to work quite well with the
translation project, but if there are still differences with the
maintainer, there are some other resources available (GNOME's
Vertimus, Launchpad Translations, etc). I guess GNOME would be a good
choice, due to the module being already in Vertimus (but not
committable from there) and to the close ties of GnuCash to the GNOME

Please CC me for any feedback, as I do not follow this list. Thanks!

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