Fwd: World friendlier printable invoices

Steve Watson Steve at mickdunn.com
Thu Feb 12 09:44:53 EST 2009

I have no experience with GnuCash, other than wanting to use an open
source accounting and billing program.  Has anyone had success with
modifying the invoices to conform to the needs of attorneys?  In its
most basic form, it would require the ability to provide descriptions of
up to 50 words, the ability to change "units" to "time" and "unit price"
to "hourly rate".  Any ideas where I can get help with this?


Steven J. Watson

Mickenberg, Dunn, Lachs, Hazel & Smith, PLC

29 Pine Street, PO Box 406

Burlington, VT 05402-0406

(802) 658-6951 phone; (802) 660-0503 fax

steve at mickdunn.com



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