New GnuCash release?

Raffael Luthiger modir at
Thu Feb 19 14:08:08 EST 2009

Cristian Marchi wrote:
> Speaking of flags I thought about it some time ago; if you are going in 
> this direction (flags instead of text) I could work on providing the 
> flags for the actual translations. Just nedd to know the preferred image 
> format (i suggest png) and the size in pixel.
>> (We might want to eventually change to flags instead of words because
>> the menu is getting pretty wide).

I recommend you not to use flags. Flags represent countries and not 
languages. If the size of the menu is a problem then why not go for a 
select drop-down menu?

For more information regarding this topic I recommend you to read "Flag 
as a symbol of language - stupidity or insult?" [1]



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