gnucash import/export

rudahl at rudahl at
Sun Feb 22 07:06:03 EST 2009

Looking through the docs, it seems there are a lot of things
that will someday be in gnucash but aren't yet. Like DB
support, for example, or the ability to view stock values
on a per-transaction basis (not as an account total), or
better foreign exchange support.

This being said, it seems that being able to move data into and out of 
gnucash easily is a high priority.

Re documentation:
1. I see an appendix on XML conversion using XSLT. Where can I
    find a DTD or schema for the gnucash XML?
2. I see a source code section called 'backends'. Are there
    any currently functional backends which could move data
    between gnucash and other formats?

Let me offer my opinion that the best solution, in my opinion,
would be getting the postgresql backend working again. Or mysql.
Or sqlite.

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