Support for multiple account types for an account placeholder

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Mon Feb 23 07:17:52 EST 2009

>I am quite sure I have read a discussion a while ago about the
>constraint of not being able to set more than one account type for an
>account. The thing is that the standard BAS account plan, which is being
>used in Sweden, has a top account (placeholder) which holds both equity
>and liabilities. Its child accounts are split into accounts of either
>the types equity or liabilities.
>Could this support be implemented without "too much" work? If you think
>it seems to be an OK idea but are not interested in implementing it, I
>can maybe do it, provided I get some help.
Question (because never perform major surgery when a minor fix might work)

Is this just something affecting how balance sheet type reports would 
appear?(and maybe some other reports) The fundamental equation of 
bookkeeping A = L + E remains the same, only with BAS there is this "top 
account" assigned to be the root of the L + E tree? But is it otherwise 
USED for anything? If not, then implementation might require nothing 
more than creating the "BAS Style Balance Sheet" (and other reports that 
would be different in BAS --- and if this root account has a non 
constant name, filling that in can be done at the edit-option level).


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