Setting budget amounts

Fiona - software feesmailbox-software at
Sat Jan 3 05:41:38 EST 2009

To whom it may concern,

I am still evaluating GnuCash as an alternative to Quicken.

I've been playing around with a test file and trying to set up a budget.  

Is there some shortcut to entering in the budget figure for each account/sub-account if it is the same figure each month?

Also, when it comes to the new year, do I have to re-enter my budget figures again? 

I would be adjusting them as time goes along each time an item increases/decreases - i.e.. insurance goes up.  I would reflect the increase in the month that the increase will commence, and subsequent months.  For the following year, would I have to update the months that had the lesser amount from the previous year or will the increase just rollover into the following year?

Thank you , in advance, Fiona

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