strings not translated

Andreas Köhler at
Tue Jan 6 15:04:54 EST 2009

Here is the picture.

Andreas Köhler wrote:
> Hi Cristian,
> the warnings listed in that dialog stem from those gconf entries with a
> non-default, i.e. user-specified, values in
> /apps/gnucash/general/warnings/permanent.  The schema files define
> translated descriptions for each key, a short one used as label for the
> checkbox, and a long one showed as tooltip.  On linux this works as
> intended, as can be seen from the GnuCash 2.2.7 screenshot attachment.
> On Windows, the i18n of the descriptions seem to fail and I think I have
> seen that before.  You may want to try the gconftool-2 command I
> wrote---it will probably return an english string only, even if LANG is
> it_IT.  Someone probably needs to sit down and check, fix or file that,
> either in gconf or gnucash :-)
> Ciao,
> -- andi5
> Cristian Marchi wrote:
>> I also discovered that in the windows version of GnuCash 2.2.8, the same
>> string appears in English (as you can see in the attached image)
>> although there is a translation for it in the it.po file previous to
>> version 2.2.8.
>> I didn't tried others strings for the reset warnings window but i
>> suspect some others are affected by the same problem.
>> For the gconf suggestion I will try to have a look at it but I almost
>> don't know what are you talking about...that's too far for my knowledge :-)
>> BTW Thank you for the patience!
>> Andreas Köhler ha scritto:
>>> Hi Cristian,
>>> this works for me:
>>>>>> LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 gconftool-2
>>> /apps/gnucash/general/warnings/permanent/change_reconciled_split
>>> --long-docs
>>> Diese Rückfrage kommt vor dem Speichern von Änderungen in einer
>>> abgeglichenen Buchung. Wenn Sie die Änderungen speichern, kann
>>> zukünftiges Abgleichen erschwert werden.
>>> I wonder whether your gconf setup prefers schemas installed in another
>>> location.  You might want to check your /etc/gconf/2/path and
>>> ~/.gconf.path files, and whether your schemas are installed at all.
>>> Ciao,
>>> -- andi5
>>> Cristian Marchi wrote:
>>>> Some time ago I noticed that some strings in the po file didn't get
>>>> translated in GnuCash (for example this one: #:
>>>> ../src/gnome/schemas/ At first I
>>>> thought it was a problem with the it.po file that I translated but
>>> today
>>>> I tried with another language file and the result is the same. The
>>>> messages that didn't get translated are all in the "reset warnings..."
>>>> window.
>>>> Is that a bug?
>>>> Thanks in advance
>>>> Cristian
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