Building problems on win32

Andreas Köhler at
Wed Jan 7 17:28:49 EST 2009

Hi Adam,

great work, I will try to integrate it subsequently in the following days.

When gnucash fails to find certain files, consider an installed copy of 
gnucash.  We do some crazy things, probably look up paths in the 
registry or stuff like that.  Does renaming HKLM\Software\GnuCash change 
anything?  We need a better solution here as well...

-- andi5

Adam Rosi-Kessel schrieb:
> msys/mingw finally fixed a bug that was preventing me from building gnc 
> from source (see 
> <>).
> packaging/win32/ does not work without several changes. The 
> URLs for libxslt, gwenhywfar, and aqbanking all appear to be dead. The 
> following substitute URLs appeared to work, though:
> I also eventually gave up on building aqbanking with QT so set 
> AQBANKING_WITH_QT to 'no'; but attempts to build aqbanking 
> with backend 'aqdtaus', which no longer exists as a separate backend in 
> the version of aqbanking specified in I got around this by 
> substituting "all" for the list of backends previously specified in 
> (aqdtaus, aqhbci, aqofxconnect).
> htmlhelper had to be manually installed into c:\soft\hh; a more recent 
> version was already installed in the default location on my machine 
> (under c:\program files), which the installer did not pick up on. I 
> couldn't figure out any work around other than to just copy C:\Program 
> Files\HTML Help Workshop to c:\soft\hh.
> I also had to manually copy several DLLs to get xmlmerge.exe to work in 
> the build process; I had to copy those same DLLs to the gnc bin 
> installation folder to get gnc to run once it was built.
> So after a full day of churning, I finally had a successful build from 
> svn. Well, almost. gnc runs to the point of showing the tip of the day 
> and the splash screen, but then dies silently. Here is the log:
> *   WARN <gnc.module> Failed to dlopen() 
> 'c:\soft\gnucash\inst\lib\gnucash\libgncmod-aqbanking.dll': The 
> specified module could not be found.
> *   WARN <qof.engine> [guid_init()] only got 2148 bytes.
> The identifiers might not be very random.
> *   WARN <gnc.engine> failed to load gncmod-backend-dbi from C:\Program 
> Files\gnucash\lib\gnucash
> *   CRIT <gnc.engine> required library gncmod-backend-dbi not found.
> *   WARN <gnc.engine> failed to load gncmod-backend-xml from C:\Program 
> Files\gnucash\lib\gnucash
> *   CRIT <gnc.engine> required library gncmod-backend-xml not found.
> *   CRIT <gnc.gui> [gnc_gnome_locate_data_file()] Could not locate file 
> ui/gnc-plugin-csv-ui.xml
> *   WARN <gnc.module> Initialization failed for module 
> gnucash/business-core-xml
> *   WARN <gnc.module> Initialization failed for module 
> gnucash/business-core-sql
> *   WARN <gnc.bin> GnuCash engine failed to initialize.  Exiting.
> So I still can't run gnc svn (which I'm trying to do to test out the fix 
> to bug #426111), but I thought I'd pass this all along in case it helps 
> improve the build process.
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