how do I get "account type" to show on chart of accounts?

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Mon Jan 5 15:34:23 EST 2009

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Dear Gnucash Developers,

I have used gnucash since 2001 to track our personal and my
small-business finances (the latter as a subset---hurray for subaccounts
6 deep) but after 6 years of transactions it was slowing down, so I
decided to create a new file for 2008.  The end-of-year clearing stuff
worked great.

Unfortunately, two or three upgrades ago, the "account type" field
evidently disappeared off the chart of accounts screen.  I'm using
gnucash 2.2.6:  "This copy was built from r17427 on 2008-10-02." running
under kde/kubuntu 8.10 (intrepid).  Gnucash now sorts alphabetically,
but I want it to sort by account type (then alpha is fine) which is how
it used to work.  My in-house computer support says I need the column
labeled "account type" in the chart of accounts to click on to do this.
 Only account name, description and total currently show.

I'm very sorry but I wasn't able to find out how to add the account type
column in any of the docs I read. (To be honest I don't remember there
being an account type field in the older versions, since I was perfectly
happy with the way it sorted the accounts.  I'm making an assumption
there was one.)

As I result I haven't put in any 2008 numbers.

Also:  is there any way to have two instances (in this case, my old
account and the new one for 2008) open at once?

I look forward to hearing from you,


sylvus tarn
rejiquar works
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