Update of de_CH language file

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at online.de
Thu Jan 15 08:28:54 EST 2009

Hello Raffael,

Am Wednesday 31 December 2008 15:56:05 schrieb Raffael Luthiger:
> I have a side not to Christian about the German translation. The correct
> translation of "split transaction" would be in my opinion
> "Sammelbuchung". 

I am not firm in swiss german, but I think, "Sammelbuchung" - a collation of 
transactions - is really different from "split transaction"/"Mehrteilige 
Buchung" or "Zusammengesetzter Buchungssatz" 
The later represents ONE event, which affects more than 2 accounts.

The classical example for a split transaction is:
cash 119 € ./. sales income 100 €
               tax           19 €

while  a "Sammelbuchung" could be:
expense at MIGROS   10 CHF 
expense at Mövenpick 5 CHF ./. Cash 15 CHF

- 2 independent events conflated by lazyness.

> I started now to change to this word. But I am not 
> fully through it.

I am not shure, if that is really good. ;-)

Probably such details should better be discused on the german list


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