Update of de_CH language file

Raffael Luthiger modir at huanga.com
Thu Jan 15 13:18:59 EST 2009

Hi Manfred

Manfred Usselmann wrote:
> But in my opinion the current translation
> 'Mehrteiliger/Zusammengesetzter Buchungssatz/Geschaeftsvorfall' is
> completely fine as well. I believe it is even a little bit more precise
> because it makes it clear that we are talking about only one
> transaction (Buchungssatz) but with multiple parts.
> 'Sammelbuchung' could also be understood as a collection of multiple
> transactions.
> So I see no need for your proposed change which would just confuse
> existing users who are used to the current correct terminology.

Please be aware that I would like to make those changes to the Swiss 
German translation file (de_CH) and not to the German one. It is 
probably true that your words are more common in Germany. But here is 
Switzerland we use the word "Sammelbuchung".


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