Simplifying the web site

Eric Anopolsky erpo41 at
Sat Jan 17 21:15:58 EST 2009

Hi all,

In response to a request for assistance on the -users list, I have made
the attached patch for the web site.

The problem is that the user had a hard time finding and downloading the
right file to use Gnucash on his platform. The solution I'm proposing
has two parts:

1. Change the menu.phtml page on the site to have a simple link titled
"Get Gnucash (Recommended)" that takes users directly to the "gnucash
(stable)" package at Most users will never need the
(unstable) package or the standalone docs package. Underneath there is
an "Experts Only" link that allows users to choose the package they want
just in case the user knows what he is doing.

2. The sourceforge project admin should follow these simple directions:
+Files+for+Download#page . When this process is complete, users who
follow the "Get Gnucash (Recommended)" link will automatically be
redirected to the right file for their platform.



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