Simplifying the web site

David T. sunfish62 at
Mon Jan 19 01:09:44 EST 2009

Your changes make sense. However, I don't think the documents should be considered a separate package to be relegated to an advanced downloads page. They should appear clearly on this page, since they comprise the helpfile for gnucash.


--- On Sat, 1/17/09, Eric Anopolsky <erpo41 at> wrote:

> From: Eric Anopolsky <erpo41 at>
> Subject: Simplifying the web site
> To: gnucash-devel at
> Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009, 6:15 PM
> Hi all,
> In response to a request for assistance on the -users list,
> I have made
> the attached patch for the web site.
> The problem is that the user had a hard time finding and
> downloading the
> right file to use Gnucash on his platform. The solution
> I'm proposing
> has two parts:
> 1. Change the menu.phtml page on the site to have a simple
> link titled
> "Get Gnucash (Recommended)" that takes users
> directly to the "gnucash
> (stable)" package at Most users will
> never need the
> (unstable) package or the standalone docs package.
> Underneath there is
> an "Experts Only" link that allows users to
> choose the package they want
> just in case the user knows what he is doing.
> 2. The sourceforge project admin should follow these simple
> directions:
> +Files+for+Download#page . When this process is complete,
> users who
> follow the "Get Gnucash (Recommended)" link will
> automatically be
> redirected to the right file for their platform.
> Comments?
> Cheers,
> Eric
> P.S.
> Please CC me on all replies to this message as I'm not
> subscribed to the
> list.
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