Enhancement request: 'Native' importing of '.CSV' files

John Smith lbalbalba at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 16:57:15 EST 2009


So Im playing around with the CSV data importer, but the layout of my
data is a little bit different than the importer expects. The basic
layout is as follows :

Date,Description,Bank Account number,Counter Bank Account
number,Code,Withdrawal/Deposit,Amount,Mutation Kind,Notes

Where bank account number and counter bank account number are used to
specify the bank account numbers involved in the transaction, and the
column 'Withdrawel/Deposit' (Af/Bij in Dutch) are used to specify
whether it was a deposit or withdrawal. Code is a banking specific
type that I dont think is really relevant for gnuCash. Mutation Kind
specifies if a made an ATM withdrawal, payed with my banking card at a
shop, if it was an automated collection, etc. The Notes column
provides a free format text column with notes you or the other party

(Please note that all the column names are in Dutch since I am from
the Netherlands)

Is this enough info for someone to start working on the code, or is it
required that I upload my account information (I really hate to make
my private account information available on a public server, but if it
must be so then it must be so....)


John Smith.

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