Two Income Statement patches: Assets & Value

Frédéric Brière fbriere at
Sat Jan 24 17:46:08 EST 2009

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Hi guys,

I switched my business accouting from a clunky home-made script+database
to Gnucash several months ago -- kudos for all your work!  Having now
finished my first tax report based on Gnucash's reports, here are two
things I found lacking in those reports:

* In addition to revenues and expenses, I also needed to know how much
  was spent on assets, for depreciation purposes.  Unfortunately, even
  though I can select asset accounts for an Income Statement report,
  only income and expenses accounts are displayed in the end result.
  Substracting last year's balance sheet from this year's kinda sucks
  (especially when coupled with the second point).

* Being a Canadian citizen, most of my accounting is done is CAD, but I
  do have some expenses (hosting, domain names, etc.) in USD, charged on
  my credit card.  Gnucash will add them all as USD, and try to convert
  the total figure using some average exchange rate; this obviously
  won't match my own records, where I've added up each CAD amount
  charged to my card.

I'm attaching two patches that fixed (at least for me) those issues.
The first one displays selected asset accounts, if any, in an Income
Statement report.  The second one allows for an Income Statement report
to be based on value instead of amount.  Using both, I now have
everything I need for tax purposes.

(These were based on 2.2.6, but seem to apply cleanly to trunk.)

Please note that I'm not much familiar with either Scheme or the Gnucash
codebase, so these patches will probably be a bit ugly.  Sorry 'bout
that.  Do let me know if you disapprove of them, or want them redone in
a different style.

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