Translation commit workflow

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Sun Jan 25 07:47:15 EST 2009

I read the wiki about 2.2 branch but I wanted to be 100% sure I don't 
make a mess! :-)

Thank you for the precious first commit is in.

Christian Stimming ha scritto:
> Dear Cristian,
> the commit workflow for "normal program source code" is very different from 
> the workflow for translations! For you, only the workflow for translations 
> applies, and I'll explain this below.
> When committing a translation, you have two different cases: Either the 
> translation already exists and you are updating it, or you want to add a 
> brand-new translation.
> Updating an existing translation must *always* happen on the stable branch 
> (which is "2.2" right now), not on the experimental development branch which 
> is called "trunk". I tried to clarify this already on 
> but it seems this is quite a 
> difficult issue again and again. Hence, updating the existing zh_CN.po file 
> must be done from a 2.2 local copy which you created with your "cmarchi" 
> account.
> From what you've written below, it seems you obtained one 2.2 local copy using 
> the anonymous read-only access ("svn checkout http:...") and one trunk local 
> copy using your "cmarchi" account. If this is what you have, you need to 
> additionally obtain one 2.2 local copy using your cmarchi account:
>   svn checkout svn+ssh:// 
> src-2.2
> all in one line, and the last argument is your local directory name which you 
> can choose to be whatever you want. In that local copy you should save the 
> updated zh_CN.po file, then commit with the command that you already wrote 
> below.
>   svn commit -m "Update of Chinese translation by Wang binbin" po/zh_CN.po
> (I would like to ask to start the commit message sentence with an upper-case 
> letter, just as any normal sentence.)
> This described the workflow for updating a translation.
> When adding a brand-new translation, we need to not only add the new file, but 
> additionally we need to change some other files in the overall build system, 
> to which you currently don't have write access. In that case, you need to 
> forward this email to gnucash-devel and/or me, and we'll take care of this 
> step. (Indeed in this particular case we'll add the new translation both to 
> trunk and 2.2, but this concerns only the "add new" part.) From then onwards, 
> the new translation only needs to be updated, which is the first case above, 
> and this should again only be done in the 2.2 branch.
> Feel free to ask any further questions you might encounter. Looking forward to 
> your "first commit" :-) ,
> Christian
> Am Freitag, 23. Januar 2009 20:04 schrieb Cristian Marchi:
>> Yesterday I received an updated translation file zh_CN.po (Chinese); the
>> guy sent it directly to me and not to the list after the answer I gave
>> it on the list about committing. Since I have a "brand new" svn write
>> access (thanks Derek) I thought this updated translation could become my
>> first commit. So I read some guides about svn and I found out that I can
>> commit a file with the followig command:  "svn commit -m "update of
>> Chinese translation by Wang binbin" zh_CN.po". (the file was previously
>> controlled with msgfmt and then installed with make install on my 2.2
>> local copy to check for errors)
>> Assuming the command is right I had to launch it from my local 2.2 copy
>> (svn checkout or from
>> my local trunk copy (svn checkout
>> svn+ssh:// src-trunk)?
>> I'm really new on this and I don't want to make a mess so could you help
>> me understand the right workflow for committing?
>> Thanks for the help!
>> Cristian
> .

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